Flag Colors #0039a6; White #ffffff; #d52b1e.

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Africa. Russia.

Komi Flag.

Hex (Web): #041E42; RGB: (10 49 97) CMYK: (100 68 0 54) Source.

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There are no specific colors designated by the Russian government for use on the flag, although federal agencies typically use the same colors. . This country has 3 colors in their national flag which are White (#FFFFFF), Dark Powder Blue (#0033A0) and Maximum Red (#DA291C).

Blue: #3A75C4 Red: #CE1126 White: #FFFFFF Black: #000000. White :.

Federal constitutional law of the Russian Federation only says that the colours of the flag are "white", "blue" (синий, or dark blue, as Russian has two colours that are called "blue" in English), and "red".

The blue color stands for the faithfulness and honesty of the people of Russia.

Palette Flag. The royal coat of arms, a blue shield with three golden fleurs-de-lis, was the basis for the state flag.

Emoji : 🇷🇺. Russia.

Blue: #3A75C4 Red: #CE1126 White: #FFFFFF Black: #000000.
Green: #00923F White: #FFFFFF Red: #D81E05.


Russia Flags Color Codes.

[4] 1721–1896. Komi Flag. Green: #00923F White: #FFFFFF Red: #D81E05.

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Federal constitutional law simply outlines the colors as being “white,” “red” and “dark blue.

Weeks later, thousands of people continue taking to the streets to demand Russian troops leave Ukrainian territory and stop the war. .

White : (255,255,255) Blue : (0,114,206) Red : (239 51 64) Russian Flag Hex HTML Color Codes.

White-blue-white flag.

Komi Flag.


Blue: #024FA2; White: #.